Our 2020 Student Showcase

We are SO excited to share with you, our 2020 student showcase!! We are so grateful for our crew, for going the extra mile to ensure we could pull this off as safely as possible. None of this could happen with one person alone. It definitely takes a tribe, and fortunately we have an incredible tribe. We want to thank each and every one of our students and instructors for going the extra mile this year to help keep our community safe.

In lieu of ticket sales this year, we are asking for donations. We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the show, regardless if you can afford it or not. When the world is hurting, people have always turned to the arts for a release or a mental break. We hope to give you a bit of that tonight. We will have the show available for viewing until after the New Year, so students can enjoy over the holidays. If you are able to donate, please give what you can. Every little bit helps us to continue doing what we love.

I know aerials has kept many of us going throughout this past year and beyond. It’s a feeling like no other, and it’s hard to describe unless you’ve felt it for yourself. We hope you enjoy what our students have to share. They have all worked so hard on this and have come so far on their aerials journey already! We sincerely hope you enjoy the show.