Phase 2 of re-opening!

This month, we began “Phase 2” of our re-open plan. Thus far, we’ve been able to navigate through rather safely by taking many precautions to assist in keeping our community safe. As COVID continues to spread through the US, we’ve decided to stay in Phase 2 for the foreseeable future.

Phase 1 – began on 6/1/2020

– Open to private lessons and semi privates.
– BYOA (Bring Your Own Apparatus) Open Gym. One person per point (6 students max), each point has a 10ft radius. In order for students to attend BYOA Open Gym, they must participate in a short free rigging class that is offered 30 minutes before the start of BYOA Open Gym. Approved students/apparatuses will be shown in student notes via Pike.  Luckily we are located in a huge 24ft ceiling warehouse with plenty of space to move in the air.
– Continuing with Virtual class offerings.

Phase 2 – began on 7/1/2020 and will continue for the foreseeable future.

– Everything continues as listed above in Phase 1.
– Introducing 4 week workshops for our students who were attending regular Level 1-3 classes before shut down or are currently attending private/semi-private lessons. Apparatuses provided if needed on a first come first serve basis. Students are welcome to BYOA (providing students attended our Rigging Maintenance Class). One person per point (5 students max). 

If you’re a new student or do not meet the requirements listed above for our workshops, please reach out to us via our contact page. Let us know which apparatus you’re interested in learning. We will add you to our waitlist for when we’re able to accommodate your needs. Until then, please enjoy some of our virtual classes which will assist in prepping you for future success in the air!

All students coming to the studio should be aware of our COVID student policies listed under our FAQ page. We greatly appreciate everyone’s willingness to work together to create a safe space for us all to create together!