Terri Kendall teaching at EA!

Take a silks workshop with guest artist Terri Kendall! ✨ On July 18, she’ll teach two 90-minute workshops that focus on a variety of skills, such as climb sequences and drops, in order to put them together into a routine to address transitions.

♦️ Level 1-2♦️ Save Your Spot → bit.ly/2Rlmm3K

Prerequisites: figure 8 footlocks in the air with various skills/tricks, hip key (can be working on), inversions (can be bent leg or working on cleaning up), climb (russian or standard)

♦️ Level 2-3♦️ Save Your Spot → bit.ly/3eP5N9i

Prerequisites: hip key both sides, clean invert/straddle, basic knowledge of wraps, cross back straddle cleanly.