A second week in Thailand?!?!

WOW! Our sling & teardrop retreat sold out so quick that we decided to add a second week of retreats!! Only 4 spots remain on this aerial movement & cultural Thai experience. Please reach out to BrittanyNaegel@gmail.com with any questions or if you’d like to reserve your spot on this adventure.

A message from Brittany about the retreat:


An aerial and cultural movement retreat w/ Brittany Naegel (@britsaerialife) in… Thailand!!

The word “Cetnā” in Thai means “Intention”. The steps leading to this retreat began over a decade ago… and as the planning progressed, I kept coming back to the same word, intention. For every intentional step made over the past decade+ has led to this moment. 

If you have a love for aerials and have always wanted to explore Thailand, I hope you’ll join me! We’ll be spending the mornings training, focusing on both soft & hard apparatuses (sling & teardrop). Gaining a deeper understanding of how our apparatus moves, how we move and how we move together. The afternoons will be spent exploring pieces of Northern Thailand or relaxing by the pool. To top it all off, we’ll be traveling to an elephant sanctuary where we’ll get to fly alongside these incredible beings. 

Thailand holds a very special place in my heart. I can’t wait to explore and share space in this beautiful place with other aerial movement lovers!!!

Dates: 4/22/24-4/27/24

Location: Fly Karavek located in Chiangrai, Thailand

Apparatus Focus: Sling & Teardrop Trapeze (soft & hard apparatus, all provided for you)

Prerequisites: Aerial invert required (bent legs okay!). An intermediate knowledge of fabric wraps/skills highly preferred. A yearning for learning, both in aerials and Thai culture!

Pricing: $2900

Includes: All accommodations, transportations, excursions, meals and aerial training!

Excludes: Flights 

***This retreat will cap at 12 students!! A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to hold your spot. Please email Brit at brittanynaegel@gmail.com to inquire about reserving your spot. 50% of payment is due by February 1st 2024, remaining balance is due April 1st 2024. All payments are nonrefundable.***


Some mo details about the retreat… 

Accommodations: While at the aerial training space, each guest will have their own private room with private bathroom. Queen bed w/ AC. 

Transportations: All transportations during the retreat are included in the price. Guests will be picked up on day 1 beginning at 10AM. Choose to be picked up at the Chiang Mai Airport (CNX) or at a hotel in Chiang Mai. Guests will be dropped off at their preferred location in Chiang Mai beginning at 5:30PM on the last day of the retreat. The retreat center is located about 1.25hrs from Chiang Mai. 

Meals: I am told we will have local, organic, farm-to-table delicious meals made for us and I CAN NOT WAIT!! **Gratuity is expected and appreciated. Please plan to bring about $100-125 for gratuity payout at the end of retreat for all cooks, drivers, etc.**

Excursions: We have a wonderful handful of excursions planned for guests to enjoy and learn about Thailand. Some examples include visiting a temple, waterfall, etc. All excursions are included in the price. You may choose to par-take or hang and relax by the pool. On the last day of the retreat we’ll be venturing out to visit an elephant sanctuary where we’ll get to meet these gentle giants and end with an aerial elephant photoshoot to commemorate the trip!

Example Schedule:

7-8AM Breakfast

8-11:30AM Aerial Training

12-1PM Lunch

2-6PM Excursions / Free Time

7-8PM Dinner

Who this retreat is for: For anyone that wants to explore, learn and dive deeper both in aerials and in another culture that may be different from your own. 

Who it’s not for: For folks that want to bang out a bunch of new sequences, or feel they know it all and their way of doing things is best. 

Instead, let’s dive into the details… be open to different pathways, both culturally and aerially.

I hope you’ll consider taking this journey with me!

Cheers, Brit