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A little bit about our instructors/performers…

Brittany Naegel –

Aerial Sling

Brittany began teaching aerial arts at Westside Academy of Gymnastics over two years ago, where she continues to teach private lessons. She has trained with NECCA and the Circus Arts Institute (CAI), the first ACE recognized teacher training program in America. Her certifications include Reflex Arts Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor and CAI Certified Aerial Silks Instructor. By day, Brittany works full time as a Massage Therapist specializing in medical massage and bodywork. Brittany enjoys traveling all over the globe to teach and train with aerialists everywhere. She believes that everyone has a gift to share. Let her help you discover yours!

“One of my favorite things about teaching aerial arts is seeing how the students change over time… The confidence that builds inside of each person when they accomplish a new skill that they once thought was impossible. The passion and energy it takes each student to get to that next level… because it is challenging, nobody ever said it was easy. Aerial arts is more than just a pretty dance or trick in the air. It’s a focus and drive that says, ‘I’ll never give up.’ And that’s when the real change begins to take place.” – Brittany Naegel

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Jessi Monte –


Jessi’s love for aerial arts began a few years ago when she took her first aerial silks workshop. Since then she has been travelling and training whenever she can for workshops, classes and private lessons with as many different instructors as possible. Jessi is a CAI Certified Aerial Silks Instructor and is the head aerial coach at My Nose Turns Red Youth Circus, where she teaches children and teens. Aerial arts has no discrimination for age, body type or gender, as long as you have the heart to pursue it – and Jessi’s heart is truly in it!

“Learning aerials has become the single most abundant source of my own self confidence. All too often I hear people say they want to try, but they don’t think they’re strong enough or flexible enough. I want to help all of my students discover that they too are capable of doing the things they may have never thought possible; the only requirement is a little determination.” – Jessi Monte

Interested in booking a private lesson with Jessi? Email her at jessi@elevated-aerials.com



Holly Price – 














Holly graduated from NKU (1999) with a Bachelors in Art and a Minor in dance. Since then she has been passionately creating artistic performances in Cincinnati for 18 years. Off of the stage, you might have seen her at Bella Forza Fitness where she taught aerials for 4 years, teaching aerials at PlayThink Movement Festival or Mojo Circus! Holly is also employed at BodyMind Balance Pilates and Gyrotonics Studio where she has taught for 14 years. 

“This path has led me to a variety of disciplines, but the human body has remained the focus of my exploration. The Contemporary Dance Theater has fed my soul for many wonderful years. I have proficiencies in formal forms of dance, modern dance, and studied the Dunham technique for 5 years with Terri Brown at CDT. I also study and perform improve dance to explore movement, unusual spaces or objects spanning varied physical mediums. About 13 years ago, my love for climbing lead me to start receiving formal training in aerial ballet.” – Holly Price

Interested in booking a private lesson with Holly? Email her at hollysprice@gmail.com 



Samantha Hancock –


Samantha was a Pole, fitness, and flexibility instructor at Defiance Studio for 4 years taking students all the way to competition and professional performances. She’s studied multiple dance styles from ballroom, argentine tango, swing, blues, zouk and more. In June she became a certified and licensed Floor Flow® instructor, a floor movement style developed by Marlo Fisken taking inspiration from modern dance, primal movement, break dance, and martial arts. The challenge and freedom afforded by aerial arts has given Samantha the opportunity to express herself in ways unlike anything else in life. Samantha thrives to share and assist others to find that same freedom!

“ Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your Soul on Fire!” – Samantha Hancock

Interested in booking a private lesson with Samantha? Email her at Samantha@elevated-aerials.com