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A little about our instructors/performers…

Brittany Naegel – Owner, Instructor & Performer

Aerial Sling

At a young age, Brittany enjoyed competing on a national award winning rowing team, coaching swim team for her local community center and assisting with as many outdoor team building adventure activities as possible (such as climbing/mountaineering, rappelling, kayaking, etc.). Her love of movement and passion for using adventure to help others realize their full potential began early on.

After her first touch of the fabric, she was hooked! She began taking classes, training and teaching all across the world! She believes that everyone has a gift to share, and enjoys sharing her love of the fabric with all who are willing to explore. Combining her knowledge of the body as a full time Licensed Massage Therapist with her passion for aerials has enabled her to help others realize their strengths, both inside and out.

Brittany performs on sling, lollipop, lyra, chains and silks with her main apparatus being the aerial sling/hammock. She focuses primarily on teaching aerial sling. Her certifications include aerial teacher training with NECCA, as well as rigging and rope course training with both Outward Bound and Delbert Hall. Certified by the Circus Arts Institute (the first ACE recognized teacher training program in America) and Reflex Arts as an aerial silks and aerial yoga instructor, as well as a certified Cirque-it Fitness instructor.

“One of my favorite things about teaching aerial arts is seeing how the students change over time… The confidence that builds in each person when they accomplish a new skill they once thought impossible. The energy and determination it takes each student to get to that next level… because it is challenging! Nobody ever said it was easy. Aerial arts is more than just a pretty dance or trick in the air. It’s a focus and drive that says, ‘I’ll never give up!’ And that’s when the real change begins to take place.” – Brittany Naegel

Brittany is available for private lessons on aerial sling, performances & traveling workshops!
Email her at Brittany@elevated-aerials.com

Samantha Hancock – Studio Manager, Instructor & Performer

Samantha was a pole, fitness, and flexibility instructor at Defiance Studio for 4 years taking students all the way to competition and professional performances. She’s studied multiple dance styles from ballroom, argentine tango, swing, blues, zouk and more. In 2017 she became a certified and licensed Floor Flow® instructor, a floor movement style developed by Marlo Fisken taking inspiration from modern dance, primal movement, break dance, and martial arts. The challenge and freedom afforded by aerial arts has given Samantha the opportunity to express herself in ways unlike anything else in life. Samantha thrives to share and assist others to find that same freedom!

Samantha has completed Born To Fly lyra teacher training with PaperDoll Militia and is a certified Cirque-it Fitness instructor.

“ Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your Soul on Fire!” – Samantha Hancock

Samantha is available for private lessons, performances & traveling workshops!
Email her at Samantha@elevated-aerials.com 

Holly Price – Instructor & Performer

Holly has been passionately creating artistic performances in Cincinnati both on the ground and in the air for the past 18 years! The Contemporary Dance Theater fed her soul for many wonderful years… She has proficiencies in formal forms of dance, modern dance, and studied the Dunham technique with Terri Brown at CDT for 5 years. She loves to study and perform improv dance to explore movement, unusual spaces or objects spanning varied physical mediums. Her love for climbing led her to start receiving formal training in aerial ballet about 13 years ago.

Holly graduated from NKU (1999) with a Bachelors in Art and a Minor in dance. She is a certified Cirque-it Fitness instructor, taught aerials at Bella Forza Fitness for four years, performed/taught aerials at PlayThink Movement Festival and Mojo Circus! Holly is currently employed at BodyMind Balance Pilates and Gyrotonics Studio where she has taught for the past 14 years. 

“This path has led me to a variety of disciplines, but the human body has remained the focus of my exploration.” – Holly Price

Holly is available for private lessons & performances.
Email her at hollysprice@gmail.com 

Kelsey Long – Instructor & Performer

Long before Kelsey took to the air, she was a hula hoop dancer. She has been involved with the flow and movement arts for nearly a decade, and had her first experience with the aerial arts at Kinetic Fire. She regularly travels to teach and attend flow festivals.

Kelsey began her aerial journey 6 years ago, and has been teaching various forms of aerial for 3. She obtained her Lyra certification through Aradia Fitness, in April of 2016 and is a certified Cirque-it Fitness instructor. Kelsey has trained with aerialists from all over, and believes that everyone has something to share.

“Movement is the body’s best form of medicine. I am so grateful to be able to pass on my love of movement to others!” – Kelsey Long

Kelsey is available for private lessons, performances & traveling workshops!
Email her at Kelsey@elevated-aerials.com

Candace Sacksteder – Instructor & Performer

Candace found her aerial journey in 2017 after witnessing a performance that left her dreaming to experience aerial dance herself.  Exploring the realm of flow arts and dance she met her aerial team at EA, and the dedication came easy.  Having lived an active lifestyle and maintaining a yoga practice she was able to build the power and skill to express herself through the aerial art of sling, silks, and lyra. Candace’s passion for aerials deepens with music and her energy radiates to all who are watching!

Candace is a Cirque-it Fitness certified instructor.

“Taken flight with my strength, and movement that manipulates my spin.  Swimming through a song.. this is my bliss.” – Candace Sacksteder

Candace is available to hire for aerial performances! Please contact booking@elevated-aerials.com

Lis Sanchez – Performer

Lis is our traveling aerialist! She has been performing since 2015. She was one of the principle members of Sora Contemporary Circus and her favorite role was that of Lorelei in their original production, Utopia. She enjoys collecting unique apparatuses such as: chains, net, beautifully dyed silks and most recently her pocket lyra! If you can’t find her in the air, she is most likely in the water, as she is actually a mermaid!

Lis is available to hire for aerial performances! Please contact booking@elevated-aerials.com

Cassandra Rose – Performer

Cassandra loved circus from the first time she saw a flying trapeze act on T.V. as a little girl! She took her first trapeze flight when she was 22 years old and fell in love. She trained aerial silks alongside trapeze, and slowly transitioned into lyra learning the apparatus later in her career. Cassandra has enjoyed training aerial acrobatics for the past four years and uses weight lifting to better her performance in the air.

“Aerial forced me to get stronger, because I loved it so much I wanted to do whatever I needed to get better at it. Then one day I woke up and suddenly while getting ready to go to a silks class I heard myself saying ‘you’re going to invert today’ Suddenly I believed in myself, and then I found a studio full of people who believed in me too.” – Cassandra

Cassandra is available to hire for aerial performances! Please contact booking@elevated-aerials.com

Zoe Enright – Instructor

Zoe first encountered aerial silks at the age of 13 and hasn’t been able to stay away since. Her passion for the art quickly transitioned from her being a student into a teacher and performer, and she directed a multi-discipline aerial arts and circus school program for two years, mid-2017 to 2019. During this time, she performed in a touring one-ring circus show, as well as organizing, choreographing, scheduling, and MC’ing three artistic student showcase performances, designing and instructing elaborate acts of up to five people on stage at once. She is now a seasoned performer, instructor of multiple disciplines, and aerial choreographer, taking special joy in building unique acts and honing them to perfection. When she’s not teaching, silks is her primary discipline, but she has an unparalleled love for dynamic lyra and high flying trapeze.

She has extensively trained and worked with multiple local companies in the Greater Cincinnati area, and at locations such as Stage Flight Circus Arts in Bloomington, IN; Aloft Circus Arts and Trapeze School New York in Chicago, IL; The Circus Center and AcroSports in San Francisco, CA; and Circus Harmony in St. Louis, MO. She has a lifelong love for leadership from the back of the group; taking a supporting role and lifting others to let their own light shine – although she doesn’t say no to being in the spotlight herself every once in awhile!

Zoe is available for private lessons! Please contact her at Zoe@elevated-aerials.com