We realize that you may have some questions!

Take a look through our frequently asked questions.  If you have a specific question or don’t see what you’re looking for,  just send us a message on the contact page!

New COVID-19 updates in PURPLE. 

Where are you located?

We offer classes at BOTH Swift Movement Studio and Westside Academy of Gymnastics in Cincinnati, OH. Be sure to check where your class is located before hand.

Swift Movement Studio
4460 W Mitchell Ave Unit 6
Cincinnati, OH 45232

You will see a HUGE sign with the address 4460. Turn into the lot, through the gate and pull all the way back, we are located in the back on the left, Unit #6. Once you enter the facility, you’ll walk through the front office and make a left. You’ll see the Elevated Aerials sign above the doorway, come on in!

Westside Academy of Gymnastics
5775 Filview Cirlce
Cincinnati, OH 45248

Located behind All About Kids!

How much are classes?

Classes range from $8-$30, depending on the class and/or if you purchase a package. For a detailed list of pricing and classes offered please click here. 

We’re currently offering VIRTUAL classes due to COVID-19 for as low as $8 a class!

What should I wear for class?

Close fitting, comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion is required for all classes. It is recommended that your clothing cover the armpits, knees and waist, as the apparatus can rub and leave burn marks in these areas.

Clothing with zippers, rivets, velcro or metal parts of any kind are strictly prohibited, as they can damage the apparatus. Loose fitting shirts/pants, clothing with buttons or ties are not recommended as they can get caught and/or torn on the apparatus.

Please remove all jewelry before attending class.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Please bring a water bottle, small towel to wipe away sweat, a yoga mat and face mask. And… stay hydrated! If any other items are required for class it will be listed when you register for class.

Are there any gym RULES?

Yes, please be sure to register for classes ahead of time as we do not accept walk-ins. Remember to fill out our online waiver before you arrive for class. You’ll find this in your account when you register for classes or it will be emailed to you.

Be sure to warm up and stretch properly before training. It is important to listen to your own body. Do not push yourself past your personal limits and risk injury. Progress will come with safe and responsible practice. On the same token, be sure to bring a water bottle and STAY HYDRATED!

Close fitting, comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion is required for all classes. It is recommended that your clothing cover the armpits, knees and waist, as the apparatus can rub and leave burn marks in these areas. Clothing with zippers, rivets, Velcro or metal parts of any kind are strictly prohibited, as they can damage the apparatus. Please remove ALL jewelry.

Please exhibit good personal hygiene out of respect for the apparatus and your fellow students. Bring a small towel to wipe any excess perspiration that may occur during class time and bring a yoga mat for warm up / stretching.

Please no food or gum in the aerial area.

Absolutely no drug or alcohol use prior to aerial activity.

Please do not videotape the instructors or your fellow students without permission. If you need to remember a trick, drop or wrap, you may take a video of yourself after you have properly learned the skill.

NEW Covid EA Student Policy:

  • Students must vigorously wash hands before & after practice for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Students must wash hands or use hand sanitizer after blowing nose, sneezing, coughing or touching their face.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible.
  • Remain at a 6ft+ distance from others at all times. NO hugging 🙁
  • Masks or face coverings are REQUIRED. We understand that this may be challenging during exercise therefore we are not requiring the use of masks while in the air. However, when your feet are on the ground and you’re not exercising, please be respectful of your fellow friends and wear a mask while grounded. Every little bit helps!
  • STAY HOME if you are feeling sick, have a temperature above 100.4 OR if you or someone you are living with is immune compromised. During “Phase 1 & 2” of our opening process, students will have their temperature taken upon arrival for class by an infrared no-touch thermometer. Anyone with a temperature exceeding 100.4 will be sent home. We are continuing to offer virtual classes for those of you who can not meet in person. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@elevated-aerials.com.
  • ALL items left in the studio will be thrown away! Please ensure you take all your items with you when you leave as we will no longer hold items in our Lost & Found.
  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes early for class. If arriving before then, please wait outside or in your car. We can not have students waiting inside. Once class is over, please collect your things and exit the facility ASAP. 
  • At this time, we can not have parents or other loved ones wait and watch while class is in session. We need to keep the amount of people in the building to a minimum. 
  • We may no longer provide yoga mats, yoga blocks, straps, foam rollers or other shared equipment. Please bring your own if needed.  

We are living in fluid and uncertain times, any of these policies are subject to change as new information surfaces.

Are there age restrictions?

We teach ages 12 and up. The majority of our students are adults. With doctor approval – You’re never too old to try aerials!!

What if I’m not strong enough?

That’s why you come to class!

We’re offering VIRTUAL classes for those who are unable to meet in person for as low as $8 a class, check them out here

I am black, brown, light skinned (insert any other color/race). Would I be welcome here?

Absolutely! We welcome EVERYONE here. All shapes, sizes, colors and genders. With doctor approval, aerials is great for anyone willing to try something new. You’ll be amazed at the community you will find by sharing a love of flight with others.

Are there any rules for B.Y.O.A. OPEN GYM?

All General Rules apply at B.Y.O.A. (Bring Your Own Apparatus) Open Gym! Please warm up properly, keep a crash mat under your apparatus at all times, be respectful and stay hydrated!

B.Y.O.A. Open Gym is for our students to work on the skills they’ve learned in class. In order for students to attend B.Y.O.A. Open Gym, they must participate in a short rigging maintenance class that is offered multiple times a month (students must register in advance to reserve their spot). Students must have participated in a MINIMUM OF SIX EA level 1-3 classes (in either silks, sling and/or lyra) AND/OR are currently participating in private lessons with an EA coach to attend our B.Y.O.A. Open Gyms. 

We have 6 drop down points, each student at B.Y.O.A. Open Gym will have their very own point. Each of our points has a 10ft radius from any other point. We’ve set it up this way to ensure each student is able to social distance. We’re grateful that our new space is located in a huge warehouse inside Swift Movement Studio with 24ft ceilings so that we may all have plenty of air space.

Instructors are NOT at open gym to teach. If you are unsure of a skill, please wait and ask in class later. You are only allowed to use equipment that you have been trained on by an instructor, and only at heights for which you have been approved.

Please, no student coaching. Students may not teach other students any trick, drop or wrap during open gym. Please refrain from teaching yourself new skills from YouTube or any other video. This can be extremely dangerous. If you are interested in learning a specific trick in a video, you may email it to us at info@elevated-aerials.com and we will evaluate whether or not it is appropriate for your skill level. You may then schedule a private lesson or we may be able to teach it in a future class.

Pictures and videos are permitted and encouraged! However, please be respectful of your fellow aerial buddies, as they may not want to be the background star of your video… If others are in your view point, please ask permission, move the camera to a different angle, or simply wait until they’re no longer in view.

Don’t forget to have fun and tag us on Facebook and Instagram! @elevatedaerials513

I am new to aerials. Do you have any classes for beginners?

Due to spotting restrictions and limited apparatus availability, NO intro level group classes/workshops are being offered at this time. You may sign up for a waitlist via our contact page here. Please let us know which apparatus you’re wanting to try and we will contact you with the appropriate instructor pending availability for private lesson options. Ages 12+ only.

In the meantime, please check out our virtual class offerings! We have something for ALL skill levels and no experience is needed. They will assist in ensuring you have success in the air later down the road.

Are men allowed to take aerial classes?

Yessss!! We love teaching ALL genders… aerials is not just for women. We encourage everyone of every color, race, gender, shape and size to give it a try!

Where can I purchase an apparatus for B.Y.O.A. Open Gyms/Classes?

We’ve made it simple for you! 🙂 We’ve added fabric apparatus packages (silks and sling) to our online store! Check it out! Wanting your own lyra? Please reach out to Sam at samantha@elevated-aerials.com

What about my online privacy?

You can read our entire privacy policy by clicking HERE.