Student Showcase 2021

Our students are SO excited to be able to perform for their loved ones in person this year. The show will take place this coming Sunday, November 7th at 3PM. We ask for guests to please utilize parking and restrooms at Taft’s (our neighborhood brewery), as we’ll be heading their way for our after party.

We will also be offering our showcase virtually at a later date for those unable to attend in person. We do ask that all guests attending please wear masks. We hope to be able to provide a safe space for all of our performers to shine.

$20 pre-sale tickets available here!

$25 at the door, cash preferred.

Jessica Jay returns for more!!

You asked for it… Jessica Jay returns to EA to drop some more knowledge with us! Take a silks workshop with Jessica Jay on August 15. If you’ve already participated in her workshop last month, have no fear, she’ll be building on some skills just for you in her L2/3 workshop as well as offering something for the newcomers! Check the workshop descriptions below:

💥 Level 1/2 💥Aerial Tricks & Aesthetic4-5:30 p.m. Details →

💥 Level 2/3 💥Dynamic Technique 6-7:30 p.m. Details →

Check out Jessica’s technique and style on Instagram →

Terri Kendall teaching at EA!

Take a silks workshop with guest artist Terri Kendall! ✨ On July 18, she’ll teach two 90-minute workshops that focus on a variety of skills, such as climb sequences and drops, in order to put them together into a routine to address transitions.

♦️ Level 1-2♦️ Save Your Spot →

Prerequisites: figure 8 footlocks in the air with various skills/tricks, hip key (can be working on), inversions (can be bent leg or working on cleaning up), climb (russian or standard)

♦️ Level 2-3♦️ Save Your Spot →

Prerequisites: hip key both sides, clean invert/straddle, basic knowledge of wraps, cross back straddle cleanly.

Jessica Jay teaching at Elevated Aerials

Calling all silks and rope students! Guest artist Jessica Jay will be teaching at the studio THIS Sunday, June 27! We’ve got a few spots left in her L1-2 silks workshop, as well as private time available. Check it out here ⤵️

🌀 Fancy Fabric Tricks — Level 1/2🌀 Save Your Spot By Clicking Here to Register.

Build unique sequences, transitions and drops in the aerial silks, learning new and innovative fabric tricks and pathways in this 90 minute workshop. Explore surprise entrances, creative exits, threading, and throughways to complete the fanciest of tricks. Prerequisites: must be able to climb & execute aerial foot locks.

Welcoming new students!

Want to take your first steps into the sky?! Take an Intro Private Lesson! This 45-minute class allows for one-on-one time with a qualified instructor to safely move you through getting your feet off the ground.🌀

We will work on basic skills and conditioning in the air. We offer socially distant intro private lessons on sling, silks and lyra. We provide sanitized apparatuses so no one has to share equipment. Masks are required while grounded, apparatuses are spaced 8+ft apart, classes offered in a large 24ft ceiling space. This is the perfect introduction to aerials before signing up for one of our Level 1 workshops. Learn the basics while working low to the ground, and establish core skills for later advancing to our aerial workshop classes.✨

Feels like a fit? Find time for a session by registering today → Intro Private Lessons

Photo of instructor Kelsey Jean by LymanDVM Photography.

Our 2020 Student Showcase

We are SO excited to share with you, our 2020 student showcase!! We are so grateful for our crew, for going the extra mile to ensure we could pull this off as safely as possible. None of this could happen with one person alone. It definitely takes a tribe, and fortunately we have an incredible tribe. We want to thank each and every one of our students and instructors for going the extra mile this year to help keep our community safe.

In lieu of ticket sales this year, we are asking for donations. We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the show, regardless if you can afford it or not. When the world is hurting, people have always turned to the arts for a release or a mental break. We hope to give you a bit of that tonight. We will have the show available for viewing until after the New Year, so students can enjoy over the holidays. If you are able to donate, please give what you can. Every little bit helps us to continue doing what we love.

I know aerials has kept many of us going throughout this past year and beyond. It’s a feeling like no other, and it’s hard to describe unless you’ve felt it for yourself. We hope you enjoy what our students have to share. They have all worked so hard on this and have come so far on their aerials journey already! We sincerely hope you enjoy the show.

2020 Virtual Showcase!!

Yes, we’re still at it, and our students are killing it!! Even through COVID, our dedicated instructors and students have been hard at work. Although we can’t be in person this year to celebrate our victories, we CAN connect virtually.

We’ll post our 2020 Virtual Showcase at 7PM on Sunday, November 15th here in the news section of our website, as well as on all social media outlets, and via email to our mailing list. We will have our showcase available for viewing until after the New Year so students may enjoy watching with their loved ones this holiday season.

We are asking for donations this year in lieu of ticket sales. All donations will go towards our winter move back to Westside Academy of Gymnastics, rigging and our annual insurance policy – ensuring that we are maintaining a high level of safety for all of our students and instructors. Please give what you can, and enjoy the show!!

Click the link below to donate now:

Dreya Weber & The Aerialist

We are thrilled to announce that the infamous Dreya Weber will be gracing our presence again and offering a limited number of private lessons at Elevated Aerials, Oct 7-9.

Her film, The Aerialist will be playing at the Esquire Theatre in Clifton the first week of October! We can’t wait to see this film on the big screen! We’ve included a few links below for all the deets.

Movie Details

Book a private lesson with Dreya

Together We Rise for a cause!

Throughout the past 3 years (since we’ve opened), Elevated Aerials has dedicated its time, energy and resources into the community. Every penny earned (and plenty more on top of that) was either put right back into the business (ensuring we will be around for years to come) or spent helping local artists. Although it would be nice to be able to pay our bills doing what we love, our main goal was to offer a safe and positive space to share our passion, while providing our instructors/performers with fair wages (as we have always felt the industry standard was far too low). Whether we were donating to artists with disabilities, collaborating with local organizations to offer free aerial classes to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it, supporting our local museums, giving artists work throughout a pandemic or purchasing gear from local small businesses – we’ve spent every ounce of us, giving back to the community that we love so much.

This is something that for the past 3 years, we’ve done silently. Why is this the first time you’re hearing this, you may be asking… What’s the old saying? Don’t talk about it, BE about it.

Now, more than ever we are finding that we need to reach beyond just the local artist community. That being said, the majority of your EA instructors (past and present ) have pulled together our funds to do another run of our “Together We Rise” merch so that 100% of sales (not just profit) can go to an organization that we feel needs it.

This year, our sales go to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Cincinnati Chapter). The NAACP is the largest and most pre-eminent civil rights organization in the nation. Their mission is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons. Our merch, once again comes from our good friends at SRO prints – one of the few companies in the United States that provides careers to at risk women and men recovering from drug addiction.

We hope that you will show your support for this as well as we were able to donate $1250 through this run of merchandise! We still have a few shirts up for sale… grab yoself some merchandise in our store. #togetherwerise

Phase 2 of re-opening!

This month, we began “Phase 2” of our re-open plan. Thus far, we’ve been able to navigate through rather safely by taking many precautions to assist in keeping our community safe. As COVID continues to spread through the US, we’ve decided to stay in Phase 2 for the foreseeable future.

Phase 1 – began on 6/1/2020

– Open to private lessons and semi privates.
– BYOA (Bring Your Own Apparatus) Open Gym. One person per point (6 students max), each point has a 10ft radius. In order for students to attend BYOA Open Gym, they must participate in a short free rigging class that is offered 30 minutes before the start of BYOA Open Gym. Approved students/apparatuses will be shown in student notes via Pike.  Luckily we are located in a huge 24ft ceiling warehouse with plenty of space to move in the air.
– Continuing with Virtual class offerings.

Phase 2 – began on 7/1/2020 and will continue for the foreseeable future.

– Everything continues as listed above in Phase 1.
– Introducing 4 week workshops for our students who were attending regular Level 1-3 classes before shut down or are currently attending private/semi-private lessons. Apparatuses provided if needed on a first come first serve basis. Students are welcome to BYOA (providing students attended our Rigging Maintenance Class). One person per point (5 students max). 

If you’re a new student or do not meet the requirements listed above for our workshops, please reach out to us via our contact page. Let us know which apparatus you’re interested in learning. We will add you to our waitlist for when we’re able to accommodate your needs. Until then, please enjoy some of our virtual classes which will assist in prepping you for future success in the air!

All students coming to the studio should be aware of our COVID student policies listed under our FAQ page. We greatly appreciate everyone’s willingness to work together to create a safe space for us all to create together!