Welcoming William to the EA instructor team!!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome one of our long time students, William Ott to the EA instructor team! As of late William has been busy working with my Nose Turns Red Youth Circus Company – for those folks with kids too young for our program (under 12), we highly recommend checking them out as they offer some lovely youth programs! However, most of our student base will recognize Will from our student showcase where he has blown us ALL away with his one of a kind creative performances.

William will be offering an Open Gym and an Intro to Aerial class every Sunday throughout the upcoming summer months. Be sure to register in advance as spots are limited and give him a warm welcome as we hope to be seeing him for many years to come!!

A little more about William:

“William took his first foray into circus arts when he was 16 and a co-worker brought a unicycle to work. Since then he has learned to unicycle, juggle, diabolo, and show off a few skills in a German Wheel. William is always open to the opportunity of challenging himself with a new skill.
William discovered aerials three years ago, and was immediately drawn in. The versatility of aerials for strength building, achieving greater flexibility, and providing an outlet for artistic expression are all part of what engaged William.
Seeing students develop a movement style unique to themselves is always amazing. The variety of ways that one sequence of moves can be performed, and the complexity of personality, style, and artistic choice that students incorporate into their work is mesmerizing to watch.  

William is currently undergoing certification in Lyra with Paper Doll Militia.

You may contact William at william@elevated-aerials.com

Introducing Elevated Aerials Mentorship Program!

After seeing the success of having showcase mentors to guide students through the 8 weeks of showcase prep the last few years, we have decided to make an entire individualized mentorship program help students peruse any of their aerial goals year round. Are you excited? We are! Check out the details below:

Do you have aerial goals and dreams just waiting to be explored? Do you envision yourself doing bigger more high flying things? Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau? Are you struggling to find motivation? Are you feeling a little lost on where to even start to achieve all these ideas swirling in your head?

We’ve been there, we feel you, we see you, and we are here to support you with Elevated Aerials Mentorship program!

This 6 week program is designed to help you start honing your goals by breaking down big ideas into more bite size pieces. How do we do this? By getting you in the studio more, by mapping out plans specific to YOUR goals, creating new habits, and by holding you accountable along the way.

Here’s what’s included:

ONE half hour Brain Storming Virtual Consultation

SIX one hour private lessons focusing on YOUR goals (virtual and/or studio)

ONE 4-week workshop of either sling, silks or lyra

EIGHT Flexibility and/or Open Gyms

SIX week access to our On Demand Flexibility and/or Aerial Fit based on student goals (virtual)

The cost of this 6 week program is $660 (with an option to break up payments into two separate payments). Please contact your mentor of choice via email in order to schedule your first consult!


Brittany Naegel:

Growing up Brittany enjoyed competing on a national award winning rowing team, coaching swim team for her local community center, and assisting with any outdoor adventure sport she could get her hands on. Her love of movement and passion for using adventure to help others realize their full potential began early on.

After her first touch of the fabric, she was hooked! She began taking classes, training and teaching all over! She believes that everyone has a gift to share, and enjoys sharing her love of the fabric with all who are willing to explore. The combination of her knowledge of the body as a Licensed Massage Therapist and her passion for aerials has enabled her to help others realize their strengths, both inside and out.

Finding the balance in life is key and the same goes for aerials. Brittany loves helping folks create an enjoyable practice that encourages healthy habits, especially when it comes to their aerial practice. If you’re committed to putting in the time and work; Brittany will help put together a plan that suits your lifestyle to assist you in reaching your goals. 

Apparatus & Skill Focus:

  • Sling
  • Movement Quality (non apparatus specific)
  • Strength / Skill Specific Goals
  • Spin Technique
  • Transitions in the air!

Mentorship Focus:

  • Routine / Habit Building
  • Organization
  • Breaking Down Skill / Strength Goals
  • Creating A Practice That You Enjoy
  • Therapeutic Movement 

Please contact Brittany via email at brittany@elevated-aerials.com

Samantha Hancock:

Samantha specializes in lyra, sling, lollipop, pole, and one of a kind aerial creations, with dance experience in modern, contemporary, exotic, ball room, swing, and argentine tango. She has pursued certifications in Lyra & Silks by Paperdoll Militia, functional and exploratory movement through both of Marlo Fisken’s Level 1 and Level 2 Floor Flow teacher training, while also diving deep into multiple movement intensives and private training across the US. She has developed aerial programs, mentorship programs, communities, and events for multiple aerial studios and companies, while continuously living the life of a student to grow her own movement and teaching practices. Samantha is driven to help students find their own individual creative style. Nothing is more powerful than watching a student, no matter what their skill level, create something they are proud to share with others. 

Apparatus & Skill Focus:

  • Lyra
  • Sling
  • Lollipop
  • Pole
  • Flexibility
  • Functional Movement
  • Floor Flow

Mentorship Focus:

  • Creating Healthy Habits
  • Creative Movement & Development
  • Building road maps to Goals
  • Conditioning
  • Reframing Perspective
  • Flexibility Training
  • Act Creation
  • Quality of Movement

Contact Samantha via email at samantha@elevated-aerials

Kelsey Long:

Kelsey specializes in sling, lyra, lollipop lyra, and floorwork. Her personal movement style is heavily influenced by a flow mindset, often focusing on meditative pathways. Kelsey’s greatest passion is helping others unlock their body’s potential. She has mentored countless aerial students and budding instructors, and regularly seeks mentoring and training opportunities for herself.  
Each person’s movement journey is unique and she would love to help guide you in one or more of the following areas: 

Apparatus & Skill Focus: 

  • Lyra (single & duo)
  • Sling
  • Lollipop
  • Floor Flow

Mentorship Focus: 

  • Routine Development
  • Skill Building & Accountability
  • Quality of Movement
  • Organization & Planning
  • Creative Consultations
  • Social Media Mapping
  • Artistry Professionalism

Please contact Kelsey via email at kelsey@elevated-aerials.com

2021 Student Showcase is now LIVE!

Introducing our forth annual 2021 student showcase! We have 20 performers this year and we’re absolutely in love with what everyone choose to share with you all. Each performer picks their own song and choreographs their own routine (with help from their instructor mentors along the way).

We’re blessed to have such a versatile crew of performers who support one another so fiercely! 100% of the proceeds for this show go into making this showcase possible. We appreciate your support in making this happen. We hope you all enjoy the show.

Student Showcase 2021

Our students are SO excited to be able to perform for their loved ones in person this year. The show will take place this coming Sunday, November 7th at 3PM. We ask for guests to please utilize parking and restrooms at Taft’s (our neighborhood brewery), as we’ll be heading their way for our after party.

We will also be offering our showcase virtually at a later date for those unable to attend in person. We do ask that all guests attending please wear masks. We hope to be able to provide a safe space for all of our performers to shine.

$20 pre-sale tickets available here!

$25 at the door, cash preferred.

Jessica Jay returns for more!!

You asked for it… Jessica Jay returns to EA to drop some more knowledge with us! Take a silks workshop with Jessica Jay on August 15. If you’ve already participated in her workshop last month, have no fear, she’ll be building on some skills just for you in her L2/3 workshop as well as offering something for the newcomers! Check the workshop descriptions below:

💥 Level 1/2 💥Aerial Tricks & Aesthetic4-5:30 p.m. Details → bit.ly/3tKBHYM

💥 Level 2/3 💥Dynamic Technique 6-7:30 p.m. Details → bit.ly/3bui2Wy

Check out Jessica’s technique and style on Instagram → instagram.com/jessicajayaerial

Terri Kendall teaching at EA!

Take a silks workshop with guest artist Terri Kendall! ✨ On July 18, she’ll teach two 90-minute workshops that focus on a variety of skills, such as climb sequences and drops, in order to put them together into a routine to address transitions.

♦️ Level 1-2♦️ Save Your Spot → bit.ly/2Rlmm3K

Prerequisites: figure 8 footlocks in the air with various skills/tricks, hip key (can be working on), inversions (can be bent leg or working on cleaning up), climb (russian or standard)

♦️ Level 2-3♦️ Save Your Spot → bit.ly/3eP5N9i

Prerequisites: hip key both sides, clean invert/straddle, basic knowledge of wraps, cross back straddle cleanly.

Jessica Jay teaching at Elevated Aerials

Calling all silks and rope students! Guest artist Jessica Jay will be teaching at the studio THIS Sunday, June 27! We’ve got a few spots left in her L1-2 silks workshop, as well as private time available. Check it out here ⤵️

🌀 Fancy Fabric Tricks — Level 1/2🌀 Save Your Spot By Clicking Here to Register.

Build unique sequences, transitions and drops in the aerial silks, learning new and innovative fabric tricks and pathways in this 90 minute workshop. Explore surprise entrances, creative exits, threading, and throughways to complete the fanciest of tricks. Prerequisites: must be able to climb & execute aerial foot locks.

Welcoming new students!

Want to take your first steps into the sky?! Take an Intro Private Lesson! This 45-minute class allows for one-on-one time with a qualified instructor to safely move you through getting your feet off the ground.🌀

We will work on basic skills and conditioning in the air. We offer socially distant intro private lessons on sling, silks and lyra. We provide sanitized apparatuses so no one has to share equipment. Masks are required while grounded, apparatuses are spaced 8+ft apart, classes offered in a large 24ft ceiling space. This is the perfect introduction to aerials before signing up for one of our Level 1 workshops. Learn the basics while working low to the ground, and establish core skills for later advancing to our aerial workshop classes.✨

Feels like a fit? Find time for a session by registering today → Intro Private Lessons

Photo of instructor Kelsey Jean by LymanDVM Photography.