“The Aerialist”

The Aerialist, a film we were happy to be a part of premieres tonight at midnight! You may watch it on Amazon and/or Laemmle. We would SO appreciate your support if you could write us a review (on Amazon) on our premier date of June 5th. We hope you enjoy the film!

A message from our dear friend Dreya Weber about the film –
“Greetings fellow aerialists! After years of work, my passion project, THE AERIALIST movie premieres tonight at midnight. I am so grateful to the many generous, talented, and creative people who worked on this project based on the faith they had in its value. Given what’s going on in the US, I wish it was possible to change the release date. Your support would be greatly appreciated. It’s available to rent on Laemmle Virtual Cinema and you can stream or download on Amazon. You can probably relate to the dedicated discipline it takes to be an aerialist, which is celebrated throughout the film!”